Lumber Numbers provides a lumber market perspective and lumber price analysis you won't find anywhere else. Thatís because we take the lumber market apart stick by stick; by specie, grade, dimension, and length.

Traders use our unique Relative Price Charts to lower their lumber inventory cost and reduce their inventory risk. Hedgers and lumber futures traders use them to develop basis trading opportunities and provide forward pricing to their customers. Sawmills use relative price data to help manage their inventory and order file.

Lumber Price information used by Lumber Numbers from Random Lengths Weekly Price Guide. Use by Lumber Numbers is with permission granted by Random Lengths Publications, Inc., Eugene Oregon.*



See how Lumber Numbers can help you make your best lumber trading decisions.


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Relative Price Charts

At a glance, see which lumber prices are over- or under-valued and if they are gaining or losing to the market.

Sample Weekly Report

The weekly report discusses the lumber market and specific items that are over- or under-valued. The report is emailed to subscribers each Monday morning.

Special Reports

Economic, housing, and interest rate data and charts.

Quick Start Guide

Helps you get the most from the Relative Price Charts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about the data and how to use it.

* Pursuant to a License Agreement with Random Lengths Publications, Inc., Lumber Numbers, LLC is authorized to use certain proprietary information and copyrighted material of Random Lengths Publications, Inc. as data in the mathematical models used by Lumber Numbers, LLC to prepare its market analyses/forecasts. However, Random Lengths Publications, Inc. has specifically disclaimed any warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy of that information and material; and Random Lengths Publications, Inc. shall have no liability in the event of any inaccuracy. In addition, Random Lengths Publications, Inc. is not affiliated with Lumber Numbers, LLC, and in no way endorses the mathematical models, analyses, forecasts or other products or services of Lumber Numbers, LLC.